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A Tribute To Life

The Book of Memories Digital Video Tributes (DVT) program is in a class of its own. This powerful and incredibly easy-to-use video creation solution outshines everything available today. In just minutes, funeral professionals can create the most stunning, moving memorial tributes to offer families. World-class video creation capabilities can also extend further into your community; you can offer stunning presentation tools to local service groups and memorable life event videos to families.

Funeral professionals can choose either the FrontRunner DVT solution or the Tukios program to access additional features and functionality. Both the FrontRunner and Tukios Digital Video Tributes programs are user-friendly video creation tools available for funeral homes to easily build beautiful, remembrance DVDs for their families. Once created, the video files can be burned to a DVD using a preferred program. The Tukios program features additional video inserts and text options. As well, clients can take advantage of the option to order box DVD sets and custom jackets.

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